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Encourage your students to become well-rounded global citizens with a volunteering and service trip to Japan, China or South East Asia. A lot of teachers use these programs to help their students fulfil their International Baccalaureate CAS requirement.

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How a volunteering trip could benefit your students:

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Service school tours develop students’ sense of global citizenship. They gain an in-depth view of pressing issues, like climate change, human rights and ethical tourism.

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Service trips are a great way for students to fulfil points for curriculum goals and extra-curricular projects.

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Volunteering trips require students to challenge themselves socially, which develops their empathy, team-building skills and perseverance.

How we curate exceptional academic travel programs:

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Learning Objectives

At the centre of every program is a set of expertly curated learning objectives that inform the whole itinerary. Usually, teachers choose a mix of cultural and academic learning outcomes, but we choose and create goals for each student group.

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Supplementary Materials

We will work with you to create customised supplementary materials, designed to allow your students to make the most out of their educational tour. This can include activity-specific worksheets and travel journals, all tailored to fit into your learning objectives.

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Immersive Educational Activities

Due to our years of experience providing academic travel programs, we have built up a vast network of contacts all over the world. This means that we can organise expert lecture, company visits and other excursions, all perfect for your students’ education level.

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