Classics School Trips

Take a trip into the past with The Learning Adventure’s school trips on the Romans and Ancient Greeks. 

Stroll through the streets of Pompeii, marvel at the Parthenon, and immerse yourself into the communities of Roman Britain. Our Classics school trips have been designed to work alongside a range of interests, but can be adjusted to best suit your chosen specialties. We aim to bring the ancient world to life to ensure students finish their tour with a deeper understanding of the Classical world.

Browse our Classics school trips & educational tours:

Italy Classics School Trip

⭐ Pompeii, Stabiae, Gladiator School
📌 Rome & Naples
🕐 7 days (5 day alternative available)

Classics School Trip to Greece

⭐ Temple of Poseidon, Acropolis, Delphi
📌 Athens & Nafplion
🕐 7 days (5 day alternative available)

Roman Britain School Trip: Chedworth Roman Villa & Roman Baths

⭐ Chedworth Roman Villa, Roman Baths, UK
📌 Chedworth & Bath
🕐 2 days, 1 night

Roman Britain School Trip: Hadrian’s Wall, Housesteads & Vindolanda

⭐ Hadrian’s Wall & Housesteads & Vindolanda Roman Forts
📌 Hexham, UK
🕐 2 days, 1 night

Classics School Trip to Madrid

⭐ Complutum Roman City, Archaelogical Park of Segobriga, Flamenco evening
📌 Madrid
🕐5 days

Classics School Trip to France

⭐ Roman ampitheatres, Pont du Gard aqueduct, Maison Carrée
📌 Nîmes, France
🕐4 days

How Classics school trips could benefit your students:

foreign languages

Through immersive learning experiences and in-situ visits to archaeological sites of global importance, students are able to bring their studies to life – taking learning out of the classroom and bringing it back to life.

global citizenship

By taking students to explore new communities, it not only informs their academic learning but shapes them into global citizens, encouraging them to think more deeply about both the personal educational value of global travel and the importance of travelling ethically.

cultural immersion

Students can learn new creative skills, discovering the art of performance in the home of Greek Theatre and learning the craft of mosaic from locals. These excursions allow students to delve into the world surrounding their studies.

How we curate exceptional academic travel programs:

subject 2

Learning Objectives

At the centre of every program is a set of expertly curated learning objectives that inform the whole itinerary. Usually, teachers choose a mix of cultural and academic learning outcomes, but we choose and create goals for each group.

subject 1

Supplementary Materials

We will work with you to create customised supplementary materials, designed to make the most out of your educational tour. This can include activity-specific worksheets and travel journals, all tailored to fit into your learning objectives.

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Specialist Design

Built by our in-house TLA Classics specialist, our tours are designed with expert knowledge of their destinations – meaning educational value is guaranteed.
Meet Hannah, our Classics Trip Specialist, here.

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