History Student School Trips & Tours

Every country has its own rich, unique and fascinating history. On a history school trip for history and culture students, discover European architecture, art and entertainment. See the WW2 locations you’ve studied first-hand in France, or delve into the dynastic and communist history of China. At The Learning Adventure, we will tailor our history school trips to your students’ education level and curriculum, and work to understand the exact mix of culture and history you require.

Browse our school trips and college programs for history students:

Golden Route Japan School Trip

⭐ Hakone day trip, sushi-making class, Arashiyama
📌 Tokyo, Hiroshima & Kyoto
🕐 10 days (7 day alternative available)

History School Trip to Italy

This tour gives students an insight into the rich history of Italy.

History School Trip to France

Six days of historical exploration, from the French Revolution to WWII.

History School Trips in London

Hit the historical and cultural hubs of the UK, London and Cambridge.

History School Trip to Spain

Gives students a glimpse into the dynamic history of Spain.

History Programs in Other Destinations

Enquire here for a custom itinerary.

History School Trips in the UK

Learn about the UK’s rich history in this jam-packed adventure.

Deqing Modern History and Tech

This Deqing School tour offers a glimpse into modern Chinese business and the great outdoors!

Renaissance Italy

An exciting tour packed with art and culture in Florence and Pisa.

World War II History Tour in Berlin and Kraków

This powerful WWII tour takes a deep dive into history.

History on the East Coast School Tour

A 10-day adventure exploring American history on the East Coast.

History School Trip to South Korea

⭐ Golgulsa Templestay, DMZ, Cheonmachong Tomb
📌 Seoul, Gyeongju & Busan
🕐 9 days

History School Trip to Japan

⭐ Tokyo National Museum, Kiyomizu-Dera, river cruise
📌 Tokyo & Kyoto
🕐 7 days

Culture & History in Beijing

⭐ Kung Fu, Culinary Classes, Opera & Great Wall
📌 Beijing
🕐 5 days

Culture & Service in Guizhou

⭐ Paper making, Miao Villages, Lushen instruments
📌 Guizhou
🕐 5 days

Roman Britain School Trip: Chedworth Roman Villa & Roman Baths

⭐ Chedworth Roman Villa, Roman Baths, UK
📌 Chedworth & Bath
🕐 2 days, 1 night

Roman Britain School Trip: Hadrian’s Wall, Housesteads & Vindolanda

⭐ Hadrian’s Wall & Housesteads & Vindolanda Roman Forts
📌 Hexham, UK
🕐 2 days, 1 night

Culture school trip to Cambodia

⭐ Phnom Penh city tour, Killing Fields, Animal Rescue Centre
📌 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
🕐 7 days

How an academic travel program could benefit your history students:

literature & history educational tour

Bring your students’ textbooks to life on a history school trip as you visit the places that they have been studying, like castles, monuments, religious buildings and the sites of significant historic events.

history educational tour

Show your students the implications of the topics they’ve been studying by demonstrating how events in the past have influenced the current political and legal system.

global history

Paired with the immersive cultural interaction, learning about other regions’ histories develops a real sense of global citizenship and cultural sensitivity.

How we curate exceptional academic travel programs:

subject 2

Learning Objectives

At the centre of every program is a set of expertly curated learning objectives that inform the whole itinerary. Usually, teachers choose a mix of cultural and academic learning outcomes, but we choose and create goals for each student group.

subject 1

Supplementary Materials

We will work with you to create customised supplementary materials, designed to allow your students to make the most out of their educational tour. This can include activity-specific worksheets and travel journals, all tailored to fit into your learning objectives.

subject 3

Immersive Educational Activities

Due to our years of experience providing academic travel programs, we have built up a vast network of contacts all over the world. This means that we can organise expert lectures, company visits and other excursions, all perfect for your students’ education level.

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