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Faculty-led trips to China: The top 5 experiences

The thought of organizing a faculty trip to China might be daunting, but The Learning Adventure is here to help. We specialize in bespoke, subject-orientated trips across China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and our team of experts strives to provide you with the perfect faculty trip tailored to your needs. We’ve narrowed down all the highlights of all of our China trips to show you our top 5 experiences.

A Student's Tips for Preparing For a China Trip

If you’re not really sure how to prepare for a China trip, here’s a quick list of some things you should consider before you go, based on my personal experience on an educational tour.

Boston University Zhangjiajie Adventure

Boston University’s Summer Study Abroad Program took a trip to Zhangjiajie with The Learning Adventure. Students ventured into what are now known as the ‘Avatar’ mountains (renamed after the film!) for three days of hiking and a walk across the world’s longest and highest glass bridge. The trip ended in Fenghuang - a perfectly preserved ancient town, placed within a stunning landscape and said to be one of the most picturesque settlements in China.

Now is the time for your students to visit the Tibetan Plateau

In early June our Head of Education, Haena Kim, went on a routine inspection of our service project site in rural Sichuan, on the Tibetan plateau. Upon her return, she felt compelled to get the word out about this program so she set about writing this blog for us, documenting her journey there and what she found.

Teach Mandarin with Rap | Teachers' Corner

Adam Moorman, a Chinese language teacher, rapper and contributor to the Guardian Weekly, launched The Mandarin Rap Podcast to help students learn Chinese with rap. The new teaching & learning tool places a stronger emphasis on speaking and listening: developed in light of recent changes to the Mandarin Chinese GCSE.

Confucius Institute Event Interview

The Confucius Institute is a nonprofit one of the world’s most influential Mandarin learning institutions with over 500 centres in 6 continents. The Dragon Trip's COO, William Ace Rowles was recently invited to be one of the panellists at The Confucius Institute’s first Global Confucius Institute Shandong Culture & Tourism Summit. We sat down with him to ask about his experience being one of the speakers at the event.