Arts & Humanities School Trips

We can cater to any arts and humanities student group, whether you are a geography teacher in the UK, law academic in the USA, a French teacher in Dubai or a Mandarin leader in Spain. If you’d like to recruit a large student group, we can organise enriching interdisciplinary programs, which incorporate several different arts subjects, as well as STEM, creative, active and service opportunities.

We are committed to creating custom itineraries. We believe in the educational and personal benefits for young people learning abroad, so we provide you with unlimited quotes, free of charge and commitment, until we have your program just right.

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Our school trips with interdisciplinary programs have a strong focus on cultural immersion, without sacrificing on educational value. They allow secondary schools and high schools to have a set of learning objectives that span several subjects, with any combination of topics available. These school trips and educational tours give more students the chance to learn abroad.

Literature Programs

Our literature programs span English, American and foreign literature, both translated and in its original language. Bring the novels to life as you take your students to famous writers’ homes and the settings of their most famous works.

History & Classics Programs

Our history short-term study abroad programs and academic travel tours are some of our most popular trips in every destination, including China, Japan, France and Spain. Bring China’s complex history to life as you learn about Beijing’s historic locations on-site, or transport your students back to Ancient Rome with a virtual reality experience at the Colosseum.

Geography Programs

Geography students can benefit hugely from going on a school trip abroad, as it enables them to see different climates, natural formations and eco-systems in real life. These educational tours are a perfect way to gather information for your students’ geography case studies.

Foreign Languages Programs

Our guides are always bilingual, fluent in both the destination’s language and English or your institution’s native language. With a Spanish, Italian, English, French, Mandarin or Japanese academic travel program, language-learning is made a priority. Language students can fast-track their learning through interaction with locals, improving their confidence in conversational speaking skills, and language classes that tie in with the day’s activities.

Politics & Law Programs

Give your students the opportunity of seeing MPs debate at the Palace of Westminster on a day trip to London, or take them abroad to learn about another country’s political and legal system. Speak to grassroots political activists in Europe or hear from a North Korean defector in South Korea.

Art & Design Programs

Learn traditional arts and crafts, like calligraphy, from local people. Or challenge your students to develop their existing skills with workshops, like a customer profiling session at the Design Museum in London.

Music Programs

Give your students the chance to fast-track their learning on their existing instrument through opportunities to practise, attend masterclasses and rehearse with local students. Your students could also learn traditional instruments of their destination country, attend cultural performances and discover the destination’s popular modern music.

Other Subjects