Educational Tours & School Trips to Europe

Schools trip to Europe provide opportunities to study across the curriculum. France, Spain and Italy are all favourites for language and humanities teachers looking to take their students on an educational school trip or faculty-led program. Our Classics trip to Greece provides an insightful, immersive window into Ancient Greek culture, while trips to Germany allow students to explore subjects as diverse as music, European history, and finance. We also provide a range of school trips in the UK, from politics to the Roman World, making it simpler than ever to plan an enriching tour that brings education to life.

UK School Trips

With an office in London, we are best-placed for organising UK-based academic travel programs, whether day trips in London or longer educational tours featuring the capital and beyond. Our UK team are experts in tailoring itineraries to suit popular subjects like politics, history, or sports.

France School Trips

One of the most popular destinations for school trips to Europe, France’s culture, history and sites are suitable for a variety of subjects. On our tours to France,  students can attend a lecture at Sorbonne University, explore the beautiful capital, or venture out into the country to explore literature and language.

Spain School Trips

Spain’s geographical location has allowed it to develop a distinct culture and history,  home to many movements, religions and theories have throughout the years. This varied past makes the country a fascinating place for school trip to Europe, whether to study geography in the hills of Andalusia, history in the streets of Madrid, or architecture in the bustling city of Barcelona.

Italy School Trips

Italy is bursting with living history across millennia, an intellectual treasure chest of religion, culture and art. There are few experiences more inspiring than walking through the Colosseum or seeing Michelangelo’s Statue of David in real life. Planning a school trip to Europe that takes in Italy allows students to explore Roman history in its birthplace, art in the cultural capital, or business in the modern age.

Other Destinations & Subjects

Sports Tours

Our in-house specialists are experts at planning sports tours, whether it be to Europe or beyond.