About us

What do we do?

We offer educational experiences in the real world. We curate high-standard itineraries for teachers and plan & monitor every detail of the adventure; the activities, accommodation, food, transportation, guides and health & safety standards, all according to your students’ specific needs. The Learning Adventure co-ordinate everything for you whilst considering your learning goals.

How we do it

We audit, research, and fully understand everything that goes into your adventure before we present it to you. Our staff are regularly in the field making sure what you see on paper is exactly what your students experience. Our people on the ground work very closely with the office staff members who you communicate with.

Where we do it

We cover a large number of destinations within China, Japan and Southeast Asia and we are expanding our list of destinations each year.

Why is what we do important?

We believe that experiencing different places, cultures & societies broadens horizons and expands worldviews. During your students’ adventures with us, we will show them the beauty in places and people that are culturally different to them, how to communicate respectfully and on a deeper level with the people they encounter and, ultimately, to grow as global citizens who will, in turn, make the world we love and cherish into a better place for everybody.

What makes us special?

We follow internationally recognised Health & Safety standards and customise each adventure to meet your learning goals, trip requirements and your budget because we genuinely care about delivering high-quality itineraries that reflect our company ethos.

Who are we?

We are The Learning Adventure. Our global team of 20+ expert employees are passionate about – and dedicated to – crafting tailor-made travel and learning experiences.

The Team


Alex Seigel

Alex is passionate about travel and education having worked in both sectors for the past decade. As an Assistant Head on the Teach First programme, he was inspired to improve educational outcomes for young people. This passion has remained a part of his work at The Dragon Trip. In his spare time, he enjoys sport, reading and visiting new places.


Ramsay Kerr

Ramsay knows first hand the value of learning in an international environment, having himself studied at international school and universities in Asia. He has more than 10 years’ experience in running experiential learning programs, and believes that all of us can learn a lot from the open minded approach students have when seeing new cultures for the first time.

Head of Education

Haena Kim

Having lived in the Philippines, Nepal, U.S., China and Korea, Haena is passionate about cross-cultural education and incorporating this into a learning-as-doing model. She started designing and leading educational programs for students at age 16 and works hard to instill tolerant and respectful attitudes in students through every project. She’s a proud graduate of the University of Michigan – Go Blue!

Regional Sales & BD Manager

Dan Gindin

With an Argentinean heart and a global mind, Dan has studied and worked in countries across three different continents. A business development enthusiast, Dan has been captivated by the Asian culture and he’s currently based in Shanghai. Whenever he’s not in the office, he’s exploring new destinations while developing new markets along with his photography skills.

UK Educational Tours Sales Manager

Amy Hamilton

Amy spent almost 4 years travelling and working across Asia, mainly spending her time in South Korea, Vietnam and China. Now in the London office, she is passionate about inspiring young people to see the world and to travel with an open mind. When she’s not exploring new destinations she loves to exercise and go hiking.

China & SEA Senior Operations Manager

Lesley Chen

Lesley was born in Guangdong province but has since lived in Tianjin, Beijing and Shanghai. Though she comes from a finance background she is now wholly devoted to tourism. She is always excited to show the real China to our learners and facilitate a great trip. She is a China school trips expert beyond par and believes that a school trip always changes students’ lives.

U.S Sales Officer

Megan Cronin

Megan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English, minoring in Cross Cultural Studies. She’s passionate about travel and the impact travel can have on students. She got her master’s degree in London while working as a student ambassador promoting higher education. She’s based in Boston and loves introducing people to Japan, where she first caught the travel bug in 2012.

Japan Senior Operations Manager

Hana Jin

Hana loves travelling and taking photographs along the way. She studied in England for 1 year, which opened her mind to the world; she then spent 4 years living in Tokyo and was amazed that a country could be so close to China yet so different. Living by a work hard, play hard philosophy she makes the most out of living in Shanghai.

China Operations Manager

Cherry Shi

Hailing from the mountainous Hubei region, Cherry has made friends all over China while travelling, studying and working in different places. She enjoys spending time with children and young people because of their laughter and fresh outlooks on everything. When she’s not organizing learning programs for thousands of students, she loves to travel!

China Program Manager

Karla Martinez

Karla was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to Shanghai from Mexico City. Travelling extensively growing up, she learned to respect all peoples and places. Now she works to make sure all our programs show students how to find beauty and meaning everywhere they travel. In her free time, she likes travelling, dancing, yoga, museums, and very complicated puzzles!

China Senior Client Officer

Lina C

A northerner of China, Lina was born in Hebei then studied in Liaoning. She gets along with almost anyone, loves to cook, and is always ready to try something new. She believes that books enrich the mind and that travel broadens horizons, two things that she always tries to integrate into our learning adventures.

China Client Officer

Kate Liu

A native speaker of both Mandarin and Cantonese, Kate has a degree in teaching and business. Kate is a dynamo in making sure our teachers feel prepared, ready and excited to travel in China with their students. Kate is a fan of hip hop and outside of work, likes to dance, sing and be happy!

China Senior Operation Officer

Gaby Gu

Gaby was born in Chengde, Hebei. She likes travelling, dancing and listening to music. She lives by the motto of “no pain, no gain” so you’ll certainly never see her back out of a challenging project! She loves operating trips for our learners because she learns something every day of the week.

Marketing Manager

Ian Fillingham

After Ian finished studying at Nottingham University, he jetted off to China to teach English in Wuxi. After a year of working, exploring, and eating too much tasty Chinese food he returned home and started working at The Learning Adventure. Ian’s a fan of music, films and – no surprises – tasty Chinese food.

Marketing Executive

Nicole Wretham

Nicole was born in Japan and has loved Asian food ever since. She went on to live in China and the United Kingdom, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in English. She spends her free time dreaming of where to travel to next and searching for the best new Asian restaurants to try in London.

Finance Manager

Henry Liu

Henry was born in Jiangxi province and is China’s no.1 Manchester United fan. He joined The Dragon Trip team after completing a degree in Finance. He enjoys travel and reading, as well as numbers! While most might think that numbers are boring, he thinks the exact opposite. He lives by the motto “Well begun is half done.”

Japan Sales Officer

Poppy Cosyns

Poppy is a born and bred Londoner but her heart belongs in Tokyo. She recently graduated from SOAS with a Master’s degree in Japanese Studies and hopes that she can share her love for Japan through her work at The Dragon Trip. Her other passions include cooking and her cat Luna.

Senior Finance Officer

Emily Wang

Emily majored in investment before joining our TLA family. She loves travelling because it is relaxing and offers a precious opportunity to experience cultures different to her own. A precocious writer, she always keeps a journal of travels along the way and her online works have clocked over a hundred-thousand downloads.

Japan Operations Officer

Dawa Yangzong

A native of Tibet, Dawa chose to study Japanese in university and is now fluent in the language. Though she might seem shy on the surface, underneath is a very keen wit. She tries to live by her core values of integrity and kindness every day and also while she organizes our learning programs in Japan.

Japan Operations Officer

Christy Che

Another member of our Japan team, Christy loves Japan because for their delicious food, kind people, and her favorite celebrity Ohno Satoshi! When operating our programs there she makes sure that our learners all come away with a love for Japan as well. Christy comes from Harbin but most recently studied economics in Rome, Italy.

Japan Senior Client Officer

Echo Liu

Echo is from Shaanxi, where the Terracotta Warriors are located. She’s fascinated by travel and embraces multicultural experiences. Fluent in Japanese, she believes that learning a language is the best way to really understand the local people’s lives. When she’s not traveling she’s loves getting into a great book.