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Discover bustling business hubs across Europe and Asia. Whether you are a secondary or high school looking to introduce students to economics, or a university in search of a challenging study-abroad or MBA programme, we can tailor your trip to offer the perfect balance of cultural experience, business insight, and academic rigor.

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How an academic travel program could benefit your business students:

start up school trip

Allow your students to test out their start-up ideas, with opportunities to ask for advice from industry experts and workshop together.

business skills

Give your students the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills with several opportunities to present their business ideas.

business skills

Industry experts, workshops and immersive company visits can help your students develop the soft skills necessary to thrive in a business setting.

How we curate exceptional academic travel programs:

subject 2

Learning Objectives

At the centre of every program is a set of expertly curated learning objectives that inform the whole itinerary. Usually, teachers choose a mix of cultural and academic learning outcomes, but we choose and create goals for each student group.

subject 1

Supplementary Materials

We will work with you to create customised supplementary materials, designed to allow your students to make the most out of their educational tour. This can include activity-specific worksheets and travel journals, all tailored to fit into your learning objectives.

subject 3

Immersive Educational Activities

Due to our years of experience providing academic travel programs, we have built up a vast network of contacts all over the world. This means that we can organise expert lecture, company visits and other excursions, all perfect for your students’ education level.

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