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Zhangjiajie- 张家界

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1.Full payment is required on and before Deadline to confirm a place on the program.


2. If a participant cancels on or before one week before the first date of the Program, a 50% refund will be available.


3. If a participant cancels between one week and three days before the first date of the Program, a 25% refund will be available.


4. Any cancelations made less than three days before the first date of the Program will not be subject to receive a refund.



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Meet our Educational Tours Specialist, Sam!  

Here at The Learning Adventure, the key factor that makes our tours so special are the people that plan them. Not content with just having plenty of industry experience and a passion for travel, many of our specialists have real world experience in the countries they work with. This means that when they’re helping you build brilliant itineraries, they know exactly what they’re talking about.

We’d like to shine a light on Sam, Educational Tour Specialist here at TLA.

Sam joined the school travel industry in 2014 after teaching for 3 years in Germany, Japan, and the UK. While he started putting together ski trips to the Alps and North America, he soon moved into planning educational trips to Europe. Sam also lived in Osaka, Japan for a year, meaning he’s adept at putting together lifechanging trips across Asia. We wanted to find out a little more about his time there!

Hi, Sam. Tell us more about where you lived!  

I lived in a suburb of Osaka called Sakai City, which is famous for its sword-making. It was perfectly positioned between nature and the big city excitement of Osaka and, like most places in Japan, it was well connected to the rail system. A Shinkansen to Tokyo took just over 2 hours!

Aside from Osaka, where was the best place you visited in Japan?  

There are so many places that I could say here. I must give honourable mention to Hakone, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, but I can’t look past Tokyo. It’s a city that just has everything you could ever want. Districts like Shinjuku and Shibuya are constantly alive with bright lights and thousands of people, but there’s also a calmer side to be seen in the various parks and gardens.

From a tour specialist perspective, Tokyo is quite unique in that you can conduct a full trip on your chosen subject without having to leave. It’s a fantastic destination for STEM (including our awesome Robotics trip), Geography, Business, and Art & Design.

Tokyo Tower - Economics in Japan trip
And what was it that you loved most about your time in Japan?

Osaka is known as ‘Japan’s stomach’, so my answer has to be the food! No other country I have visited has such high quality and varied cuisine. From simple convenience store bento boxes all the way up to high end restaurants, there really is something for everyone! Food is an integral part of the Japanese culture, and should play a big role in any educational trip.

If you find yourself in Osaka, I would highly recommend taking some time exploring the street food stalls around the Dotonburi area, where you can get Osaka’s signature dish – Okonomiyaki.


Can you give us one place in Japan that you’d recommend to anyone? 

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Osaka or Kyoto, Nachi Falls is the most beautiful destination in Japan – and well worth a day trip out of the city.

Nachi Falls, Japan


And where do you think is the best place to take a school tour in Japan? 

As I mentioned, Tokyo is pretty special. No matter what type of trip you’re leading, you’ll find something here. Depending on what your subject focus is, there are some really unique destinations. Imagine being able to talk about WW2 history next to the famous A-Bomb dome in Hiroshima, or watching your art students being inspired at the museum of manga in Kyoto.  The sky is really the limit in Japan.


Finally, what would you say are the benefits of organising a school tour to Japan?

Above all else, the chance to fall in love with such a wonderful country is the most important. We see students develop a lifelong love of all things Japanese on our trips time after time and come back to the classroom brimming with inspiration. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for a lot of students and being the teacher that gives them that is an incredibly rewarding feeling, and it inevitably pays dividends in the classroom.


If you’re interested in organising a school tour to Japan, you can contact an educational tour specialist here, or find our list of tours here

We offer a wide range of trips for schools and universities. We tailor the adventure to your school’s priorities and the subjects being studied, so if you’d like to start planning drop us an email or give us a call. In the meantime, take look at our services here!

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Japan National Tourism Organization

2022 School Trips

Educational travel has taken something of a hit in the last year but we do believe that it will soon return and we are already excited about the prospect of providing transformative travel experiences, for young people. We have a whole series of destinations which will hopefully play host to a whole series of 2022 school trips. Whether, it’s a cultural discovery journey, a language immersion experience or a tech-focused tour of pioneering business- we have a whole load of options for you. Teachers have done a miraculous job in keeping students educated over the COVID period but hopefully getting outside the classroom will help really supplement the learning.

Professional insights

We often arrange trips to business and gives students the chance to question professionals working in certain fields. In our UK trips we can arrange visits to a whole series of start up companies including ecollective. This is a start up focusing on advising travel and retail companies on their sustainability efforts. It’s a great chance for young people to see what working is really like and to gain a sense of the myriad of opportunities there are out there.

Throughout Asia, we have arranged visits to big corporations, factories and small companies. Recently, we had a whole series of students sit down with some of the management team at AliBaba and gain an insight into the corporate culture there as well as a visit of a working IKEA Factory. Given how little face to face interaction there has recently been – this is a great way to start building up some key professional skills again! Our Japan  and Korea school trips are packed full with some fascinating visits to tech companies. We would definitely advise getting in a couple of company visits on any 2022 school trip.

Outdoor Fun

Let’s face it- most people in 2020 and early 2021 have spent way too long inside staring at the same rooms. Our worlds have all got smaller with border closures and lockdowns and the allure and magic of the great outdoors is arguably more appealing than ever. On our 2022 school trips, we can offer a whole series of outdoor adventures. Even if the trip has a different academic focus – it’s often a great idea to take a day to go hiking. In Japan- we do some stunning walks around the mountainous majesty of Hakone under the shadow of Mt Fuji. In China, there’s walks along the Great Wall whilst our European school trips are also packed full of opportunities for day hikes.

Meeting new people

One of the many sad things about the pandemic has been that it has limited young people’s chances to meet with people from different backgrounds. On our trips – we often arrange school visits. On these – students will spend a day at another school and gain an insight into what it is like being educated in another country. Often, we will have a handful of shared lessons and there is usually a welcoming ceremony. These events tend to both showcase the differences in the educational system and also the similarities that young people all share.

We have arranged a whole series of fantastic school visits throughout Asia- one of our favourite memories is an impromptu Anglo-Chinese sing-a-long at a school in Beijing. In Korea- our students can gain an understanding of the expectations for young people in terms of workload. We run a fantastic cultural exchange programme in Nepal where students can spend a great deal of time at a school. One of the best things about all these experiences is having young people make new friends and develop a broader cultural understanding.

If you fancy arranging a 2022 school trip then do get in touch! We have a whole series of tours across Asia and Europe. Every one of our tours can be tailor-made and we work with you to create an ideal trip for your students. What’s more – we have a robust COVID policy so students are both safe on the ground and your money is safe with us. Hopefully we’ll be curating a Learning Adventure for you very soon!

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Korea – Dojang Sign Up

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Year 5 Dulwich Sign Up Page

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    Year 6 Dulwich Sign Up Page

    If you have no answer to any of the questions then please fill in 0 in the box to proceed. For example, if you are not a Chinese national and have no ID number then please enter 0 in the box.


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      Max. file size: 8 MB.
        If you are a non Chinese passport holder please upload a scan (or photo) of your passport photo page and visa. If you are a Chinese national then please upload your ID. 如果您是非中国护照持有人,请上传您的护照照片页和签证的扫描件(或照片)。 如果您是中国公民,请上传您的身份证件。