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Zhangjiajie- 张家界

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Best School Trip Destinations Near Shanghai

Whether it’s because Covid is forcing your school to run “closed loop” trips where your group travel by bus and stay in your own bubble, or simply that you’d rather avoid the expense (and carbon footprint) of flying, we have good news for you – there are no shortage of fantastic school trip options within a stone’s throw from your school in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou or Wuxi. 

Service Trips at Wild Homestay

The Learning Adventure has recently bolstered its service learning options and now offers projects based around social entrepreneurship set in a peaceful mountain village next to a nature reserve on the Anhui-Zhejiang border about 4 hours’ drive from Shanghai.

Experience Qing-dynasty life first-hand at the Linden Centre’s new site on Lake Tai

This deeply historical and cultural program takes place in a villa first build by a wealthy Qing dynasty trader. The many rooms of the painstakingly restored complex provide a stimulating backdrop for a number of creative workshops such as box-fan making and lacquer restoration. It’s a great choice for a school seeking a more creative experience.

City Cultural Exploration:

For schools wanting a city based cultural experience then Hangzhou, Suzhou are Nanjing are options where The Learning Adventure can provide our classic mix of seeing the unmissable sites, like boating on West Lake in Hangzhou, which are combined with off-the-beaten-track, deeply interactive and fun workshops and experiences, such as tea processing in the Longjing Tea Fields to the south side of the lake.

Experience outdoor action and adventure at a purpose-built nature park

The last few years has seen the emergence of a number of parks which have world class facilities offering rock-climbing, kayaking, high ropes courses, obstacle courses, camping and so on. Two of our favourites are Deqing Outdoor Mix, with very fun sleeping pods which students love and Discovery Adventures Park with a huge climbing wall set on the bamboo forested slopes which is sure to challenge even the most intrepid young adventurer. We often combine a day or two at one of these parks with a day of cultural exploration in nearby Hangzhou or Suzhou.

Music camps in the ancient village theatre of Yingchuan

Need to kick start rehearsals for an up-coming show, or want to bring your school’s orchestra together for a few days of rehearsal interspersed with other team building and fun activities, then Yingchuan village is a great spot. Your group has use of the ancient theatre for large group rehearsals and there are plenty of breakout rooms for smaller groups. Other activities between rehearsals include cozy activities around the evening fire, board game nights, tofu making, copper making, outdoor movie nights, hiking and bike rides.

Finance and tech trips in economic mega-hubs

Whether you are a school in Hangzhou coming to Shanghai, or the other way around, there is so much on offer for finance and tech trips in the region. All our trips are tailor made, but in the past excursions for such trips have included visiting the CanNature water factory which filters all the drinking water at Disney Land, a walk around the Ikea factory, a visit to the Alibaba offices, a visit to a hedge fund with a presentation from a stock analyst and a visit to a We Work co-working space. Just let us know your learning objectives and we’ll be happy to build a unique itinerary for you.

business faculty-led mandarin school trip to china

Water sports and hiking within Shanghai city limits

If your age group is too young to venture too far, or Covid limits are keeping you within city limits, there is still so much you can choose from. We love a paddle boarding activity in Songjiang in one of the cities cleanest lakes, or perhaps consider kayaking in Qingpu or Chongming. These can be combined with other excursions such as workshops at the Glass Museum, scavenger hunts at ancient water villages, guided tours through the Natural History Museum or hiking at beautiful county parks.

You really are spoiled for choice when it comes to school trip options near Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi, so we hope that whether it’s a service, culture, history, music or any other kind of trip your planning that the above list may provide some useful ideas.

If you would like some more suggestions tailored specifically around your requirements then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team of China experts is waiting to assist!

Organizing a school trip during Covid can be a daunting task, but if you work with The Learning Adventure we are here to guide you through each step, and do remember that all of our domestic trips in China are fully refundable right up until day of departure. If you are considering a trip to the above regions, or anywhere else, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can prepare some itinerary options

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School trip ideas for schools in Guangzhou and Shenzhen – no flights! 

During these most uncertain times of Covid, many of our partner schools in China are still wanting to take school trips but are opting for itineraries which don’t include flights. We have prepared this blog for schools based in Southern China, in cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to give you ideas of what regions it may be possible for you to take your students to:


Shenzhen to Guiyang: 5-hour bullet train

Guangzhou to Guiyang: 4.5-hour bullet train

Asia’s largest waterfall, stunning mountainous scenery and time spent getting to know the rich culture of the Miao minority people living in quaint hilltop villages is a major draw from many schools seeking trips with an element of CAS (creativity, activity & service). Service options take place in communities deep in the countryside outside of Guiyang, the “activity or active” requirements are fulfilled with hikes from village to village, and creative aspects involve learning crafting techniques from the Miao people such as during the batik making and lusheng musical workshops.

CAS Trip to China Guizhou

Xiamen and the Fujian Tulou Region:

Xiamen is a favourite city in China for many a traveller. There are so many things to love about it: its blue, clear skies free of any pollution, miles of beaches surrounding the island, rich culture and history and so on. Spend a day exploring the small museums and varied colonial architecture on Gulangyu Island, or explore the thriving commerce scene in the city centre. Head inland and hop on bikes to cycle through the rolling countryside from tulou to tulou, the unique earthen round houses built to protect communities in the Qing and Ming dynasties.

Shenzhen to Xiamen: 3-hour bullet train

Guangzhou to Xiamen: 4-hour bullet train


It’s a popular destination you have probably heard of, and maybe your school already runs lots of trips there, but there is a reason why: it’s simply an incredible part of the world for a school trip. The karst mountain scenery, gently winding rivers and excellent weather provide the perfect backdrop for a host of outdoor activities, such as service work in the communities deep in the mountains, kayaking on the Li River, bamboo rafting on the Yulong River, hiking, biking, scavenger hunts on West Street and so much more. Whilst the bullet train is faster, you may find a coach from your school direct to your accommodation is a little easier with luggage.

Shenzhen to Yangshuo: 3-hour bullet train or 6.5-hour coach

Guangzhou to Yangshuo: 2.5-hour bullet train or 5.5-hour coach

Geography School Trip to China Guilin Yangshuo


Achieving world-wide fame as a result of the movie Avatar, this destination is ajam packed with jaw dropping views, exhilarating hikes and adrenalin inducing experiences. Just within the limit of an overland journey from South China, your group will need to hop on a train to Changsha and from there it’s a 4-hour private coach ride. This destination is ideal for geography, culture, Duke of Edinburgh, International Award and outward-bound groups.

Shenzhen to Zhangjiajie: 3.5-hour bullet train then 4-hour coach

Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie: 3-hour bullet train then 4-hour coach

Organizing a school trip during Covid can be a daunting task, but if you work with The Learning Adventure we are here to guide you through each step, and do remember that all of our domestic trips in China are fully refundable right up until day of departure. If you are considering a trip to the above regions, or anywhere else, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can prepare some itinerary options

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Student Trips to Korea

Educational travel in Korea is following the trajectory of so much else associated with Korea and is on a constant upward curve. Korean culture, music, football and pandemic response has been the envy of the world in recent years and consequently more and more visitors have been attracted to this stunning country. Plus there’s the incredible economic growth that has seen Korea move from poverty to one of the continent’s largest economies in just a few decades. Korea also ranks near the top across several educational metrics and all these factors combined make it both an enriching an inspiring place to visit. There’s plenty more to focus on too with a plethora of fun cultural options. Our student trips to Korea combine a mixture of the educational and the cultural. This blog explores some subject areas that are ideally suited to a trip to Korea.

Business and Tech

This is a subject area that appeals to economics and business students as they try and make sense of the remarkable success of Korean business in the last few decades. We arrange visits to a whole range of different business- from major manufacturing factories to tech start-ups.

We aim to offer an insight into the business culture of South Korea. It has amongst the highest working hours in the world and it is this work ethic tied with the innovation that has enabled companies like Samsung and Hyundai to establish themselves as global pioneers. We’ll visit these companies and hear more about their success stories. You can also gain an insight into the future and the technical developments with visits to Samsung D-Light and SK Telecom HQ.  Samsung is constantly looking at cutting-edge ways to improve users experiences- they recently joined forces with Six Flags Theme Park to launch a range of virtual reality rollercoasters. Digitalisation has taken hold across the globe but nowhere is this tech savviness more evidenced than in Korea. 98% of 18-24 year olds own a smart phone and the business culture is plugged in and future-focused.


We will arrange a school visit centred around STEM lessons as well as a number of other STEM-related activities. The highly interactive Gwacheon National Science Museum is a great way to gain an insight into some of the scientific developments. Korea has the quickest data in the world and hear more about how this has been achieved with a visit to a telecoms provider. We’ll also join in a coding class in Gangnam district and you can join Koreans who are trying to improve their skills to compete in the modern world.


The “Hallyu” refers to the Korean wave of culture that has swept the globe. It’s likely your students will have consumed some of the Korean cultural exports with the growing popularity of the K-Pop music scene, TV shows and Oscar-winning movies. Our trips take in some of these modern aspects but also explores the rich cultural heritage of Korea. One place which is great to do this in is Seoul’s Bukchon Hanok Village. You can explore some traditional housing and admire the exquisite gardens. Contrast this tranquillity with the urban excitement of some of Seoul’s more buzzing districts. If K-Pop is your thing – then you’ll love the SM Town COEX Artium. Check out the recording studios and hologram performances.

We’ll also arrange some other cultural experiences such as a Korean language tutorial, a cooking class and a trip to see a Nanta Show. This is a hybrid of a physical comedy show and cooking class with hilarious results! We also arrange school visits which gives students the chance to see how Korean education works and for teachers to consider how this country has managed to have so much success in the PISA rankings. One other cultural experience is watching and trying out the art of Taekwondo!


taekwondo on school trip in South KoreaSustainability

We also run a number of service projects centred around sustainability projects. We run an upcycling project in Jumunjin where students will help with the processing of items and with the marketing strategy behind the project. They will also have the chance to speak with the people who run the programme and consider the challenges and support associated with green efforts in Korea. This unique opportunity will give a fresh insight into a growing issue and provide students with real hands-on experiences.

Korea may not (yet) be the amongst the most famous school trip destinations. However, we do believe it offers a great deal for young people and is a country of growing importance. Our student trips to Korea are designed to broaden perspectives and to provide genuine learning outcomes amidst a new culture. Do get in touch if you’d like for us to design an itinerary for your students- all our trips can be adapted to meet your school’s needs!

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2022 School Trips

Educational travel has taken something of a hit in the last year but we do believe that it will soon return and we are already excited about the prospect of providing transformative travel experiences, for young people. We have a whole series of destinations which will hopefully play host to a whole series of 2022 school trips. Whether, it’s a cultural discovery journey, a language immersion experience or a tech-focused tour of pioneering business- we have a whole load of options for you. Teachers have done a miraculous job in keeping students educated over the COVID period but hopefully getting outside the classroom will help really supplement the learning.

Professional insights

We often arrange trips to business and gives students the chance to question professionals working in certain fields. In our UK trips we can arrange visits to a whole series of start up companies including ecollective. This is a start up focusing on advising travel and retail companies on their sustainability efforts. It’s a great chance for young people to see what working is really like and to gain a sense of the myriad of opportunities there are out there.

Throughout Asia, we have arranged visits to big corporations, factories and small companies. Recently, we had a whole series of students sit down with some of the management team at AliBaba and gain an insight into the corporate culture there as well as a visit of a working IKEA Factory. Given how little face to face interaction there has recently been – this is a great way to start building up some key professional skills again! Our Japan  and Korea school trips are packed full with some fascinating visits to tech companies. We would definitely advise getting in a couple of company visits on any 2022 school trip.

Outdoor Fun

Let’s face it- most people in 2020 and early 2021 have spent way too long inside staring at the same rooms. Our worlds have all got smaller with border closures and lockdowns and the allure and magic of the great outdoors is arguably more appealing than ever. On our 2022 school trips, we can offer a whole series of outdoor adventures. Even if the trip has a different academic focus – it’s often a great idea to take a day to go hiking. In Japan- we do some stunning walks around the mountainous majesty of Hakone under the shadow of Mt Fuji. In China, there’s walks along the Great Wall whilst our European school trips are also packed full of opportunities for day hikes.

Meeting new people

One of the many sad things about the pandemic has been that it has limited young people’s chances to meet with people from different backgrounds. On our trips – we often arrange school visits. On these – students will spend a day at another school and gain an insight into what it is like being educated in another country. Often, we will have a handful of shared lessons and there is usually a welcoming ceremony. These events tend to both showcase the differences in the educational system and also the similarities that young people all share.

We have arranged a whole series of fantastic school visits throughout Asia- one of our favourite memories is an impromptu Anglo-Chinese sing-a-long at a school in Beijing. In Korea- our students can gain an understanding of the expectations for young people in terms of workload. We run a fantastic cultural exchange programme in Nepal where students can spend a great deal of time at a school. One of the best things about all these experiences is having young people make new friends and develop a broader cultural understanding.

If you fancy arranging a 2022 school trip then do get in touch! We have a whole series of tours across Asia and Europe. Every one of our tours can be tailor-made and we work with you to create an ideal trip for your students. What’s more – we have a robust COVID policy so students are both safe on the ground and your money is safe with us. Hopefully we’ll be curating a Learning Adventure for you very soon!

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Korea – Dojang Sign Up

Thank you very much for confirming your child’s place on this learning adventure!

School Trips to India

School trips to India are a sure-fire way to broaden your students’ horizons and shake up their perspectives. Here at The Learning Adventure, we have a whole series of subject-specific tours across a whole range of different locations. As with all of our school trips- we can adapt them to meet your requirements plus add our own suggestions. India is one of our favourite destinations and this blog explores a few of the many enriching activities that your students can do whilst on a trip there.

Business visits

India has been growing in a whole series of ways over the last few decades as the country has motored on since independence. Strikingly the country’s GDP has trebled since 2006which is an indicator of the enormity of the economic growth. This has been powered by a range of things from increased investment, an emerging tech sector to huge manufacturing companies setting up in India. On our trips- we explore the reasons behind this growth and its impact on society.

On our business trips- we arrange visits to a series of companies from major steel companies to Q and As with start-up tech founders. Ultimately, our goal is to give students a sense of what really powers the growth and the ways companies have shaped this. We’ll also look at the societal impact of this shift. We have debates about urbanisation and city tours that showcases how this expansion has changed the face of Indian cities. There’s an expectation within the IT sector that India will continue to harness talent from tier three cities and villages so this evolution is very much still in process.

Taj Mahal

Whilst we like to take our groups off the beaten track on our school trips to India- we absolutely recognise the need to see some of the nation’s highlights. Perhaps chief amongst these headline attractions is the majestic Taj Mahal. The majestic monument was built in the 17thcentury by Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz who died in childbirth. We’ll admire the various vantage points of this building and encourage students to appreciate its wonder with a sketching session.

Camel Safari

India has a continent’s worth of scenery with some truly wonderous variety. This makes it a haven for geographers who have a whole playground of different areas to discover. One place that helps brings the curriculum to life (or just offers an amazing experience) is taking a camel safari in the desert in Jaisalmer. We’ll look at the impact of desertification whilst there.

This is a major issue facing India with 25% of the land currently undergoing this process. This is when the land is no longer able to support plant life and productivity. It is caused by a mixture of human activity and climate change. The UN estimate that 50 million people may be displacedwithin the next decade due to this phenomenon and many of these are in India. We’ll look at what the country is doing to halt this process and manage the human impact.

Art Scene

Our art tour takes in both the modern and ancient art within India but any of our school trips in India make sure to give students a real insight into the artistic life of this creative country. In Delhi, we’ll visit the big art galleries but our real favourite spot is the Lodhi Colony. This mecca for artists plays hosts to a whole series of murals with political, social and environmental messages. This area is one that has attracted street artists both for its festival but also more generally as a place to advocate through art. Our adventure leader will explain the context behind some of the work and it will help give a real understanding of some of the challenges facing modern India. There’s even a mural that uses ink upcycled from industrial pollution and then used to fill black clouds as part of a series of works outlining the impact of climate change. This is an especially pertinent issue in Delhi where pollution is a major problem.


There are only 8 million practicing Buddhists in India and this figure accounts for less than 1% of the population. However, the impact of this religion is an integral part of the history and culture of India and we arrange some visits which showcase this. These include a meditation session and a visit to the pilgrimage site of Sarnath, near Varanasi. This place was reported to be where Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon and has been a centre of learning, pilgrimage and monastery ever since.

There’s so many incredible things to see and do in India and it can be tricky to narrow to down towards a certain place or subject-focus. That’s what our team is here to help you with and we can help plan a whole range of school trips to India. Our itineraries here are a good starting point but we can work alongside you in terms of tailoring our itineraries to meet your specific needs. One thing is for certain- a trip to India will be a transformative experience for students! Feel free to get in touch with our team by enquiring through our website, giving us a call or sending a message to

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Student Trips to Nepal

The Learning Adventure has an advisor and “friend of the company” who spent his career working in the youth and student travel industry and travelling to every far-flung corner of the planet. We recently asked him to name his favorite travel destination and his answer was Nepal. This is a truly magical country which has attracted travelers for generations. It is an increasingly popular destination for school groups, attracted here by its lofty mountain peaks, lush low jungles, sleepy hill-side villages and scatterings of golden temples. Our student trips to Nepal are a journey into some of the most magical places.

A school trip here can be suitable for a number of educational themes. There are of course the classic, trekking-expedition school trips, where students challenge themselves during a multi-day hike deep into the Himalayas. Other schools prefer service based trips, where students integrate deeply into local communities whilst contributing to them in a meaningful way. We also get requests for trips such as religious studies trips or geography trips, which we can also facilitate. The tailor-made nature of all of our student trips to Nepal allow us to build the perfect itinerary for your school as you travel in Nepal, so we hope some of these ideas may provide some inspiration for you as you start arranging your trip.

Hike to Annapurna Base Camp:

One of our most popular trekking trips for school groups which have a longer trip planned (16 days or more) is a trek to Annapurna Base Camp. After flying into to Kathmandu you drive out to Pokhara on your second day in Nepal. Pokhara serves as the base for so many of Nepal’s mountainous adventures. From Pokhara we head on to Khara, where it’s time to get out of the 4x4s and start getting up the mountains under your own steam!

After 5 days of trekking along mountain ridges, through deep valleys carved by glaciers and over mountain ridges flanked by Himalayan wildlife, you’ll at arrive at Annapurna Base Camp. The altitude here is 4,130m and you may feel the effects of the thinner air, but be rest assured that we have full safety management systems in place to deal with any incident that may occur. Look out over the amphitheater of snowcapped mountains and gaze at the colossal Annapurna Mountain Peak, towering over you with a height of 8,091m.

Volunteer with a Women’s Empowerment Program:

 Nepal is known to have a strongly patriarchal culture and some NGOs here highlight the shortage of places where vulnerable women can turn for help. HER FARM is an NGO which is operated by a group of women on a mission to provide a safe shelter for women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The organic farm provides a healing opportunity as well as and employment for the residents here, and the organization also equips them with other skills and support to succeed in their new independent lives.

Visitors to the farm can assist with a number of projects such as fund raising, helping with agricultural tasks on the farm, providing digital solutions to assist in the farms mission and assisting with community projects.

A Monastery Experience in Pharphing

Pharphing, a town in the lower reaches of the Himalayas about 6 hours east of Kathmandu, is home to a Buddhist monastery which welcomes us into their grounds to experience for ourselves what the life of a Buddhist monk is like.

Our first activity after arriving is usually observing the monks’ debating session, where you are encouraged to them observe them chat and debate Buddhist topics in their native language in the gardens of the temple. Join them in the chant of their daily protection puja and then take a seat alongside them to enjoy a traditional Buddhist dinner.

Our accommodation is in basic but clean guesthouses, ideal for school groups and which flank the grounds of the monastery. This allows us to rise early and join the monks for their morning prayers before having breakfast with them in their refectory. We usually also make time for a hike up to the cave where Padmasambhava, one of the great masters of Buddhism, is known to have spent time meditating.

After a school trip to Nepal, you too will understand why it is listed time and time again as one of the world’s great travel destinations. It’s a land filled with experiential learning opportunities which are active, educational and create memories which will last you and your students a lifetime.

If you are considering a trip to Nepal and would like us to build an itinerary for you to consider then please do reach out to us by enquiring on our website’s contact us page, or send an email to our team directly, who can be reached at

The mountains are waiting, and we look forward to being there alongside you for every step of this epic journey.

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