The Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme was established by the UK government with the objectives of enabling young people to have life-changing experiences abroad. The scheme also seeks to widen access to these experiences, enhance cross-cultural relationships and develop key skills.

The Learning Adventure’s ethos and trip style fit neatly into these goals and our existing tours all aim for young people to have transformative travel experiences. To apply for the Turing Scheme – schools need to fill in the application themselves but can use our trips in this process. We have designed two tours that fit into the programme specifications and offer students the chance to have some incredible experiences abroad. The application guide is here and general information about the scheme can be found here.

The 2021 deadline is May 7th but this scheme will run every year so feel free to request some information for a future trip. If you are interested in applying before May 7th then let us know as soon as possible and we can help out right away. The travel dates can be between September 1st 2021 and August 31st 2022.  The costs for students would be very limited and potentially free depending on the number of days. For the Nepal trip- it would likely cost students £250 for 11 days and this would include all their costs on the ground and their international flights.

The two tours below are examples of the trips we can offer and these fit into the eligibility criteria. We can offer something similar in our other locations too with a similar emphasis on cultural exchange. Do reach out if you have any specific questions and we will be able to help- our email address is or you can enquire through the website or give us a call!


Rugby Tours to France and Spain

⭐ Alex Lewington, rugby fixtures, surf lesson
📌 Basque Region, France and Spain
🕐 6 days

Art School Trip to Italy

Explore the country that is synonymous with art history in Europe.

History School Trips in the UK

Learn about the UK’s rich history in this jam-packed adventure.

Watersports in Qingpu and Songjiang

This stunning trip packs in some spectacular scenery and a whole series of hands-on and water based activities.