Embark on your Learning Adventure to China as you explore the rich culture, ancient history and vast landscapes with your action-packed, tailored itinerary

 Our school trips to China are unrivalled; we’ll take you where other companies won’t and show your students a side of the country that you never knew existed. The school trips tick off the country’s most iconic attractions, but we’ll go one step further and take you deep into the heart of China. With us, your students can enjoy an authentic experience and gain an appreciation of China’s culture, art, architecture, history, geography, business, and much more.

Whether it’s climbing the Great Wall, looking after pandas, cycling along ancient city fortifications, feasting on Sichuan hot pot or learning the art of calligraphy, your chosen school trip to China is guaranteed to be jam-packed with adventure and excitement.

Our wide variety of subject-specific school trips to China are driven by your specific educational learning requirements and can be tailored by our team of experts to fit your every need. Our CAS and service trips allow students the opportunity to really engage with China’s local communities, through school exchanges and welfare projects, and leave with a genuine sense of accomplishment and a new-found respect for China.