Find the Perfect Adventure

Find the Perfect Adventure

Find the perfect itinerary to suit your educational requirements from our range of school trips to China, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

We’ve been creating high-quality, curated school trips to China, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia, France, Italy, Spain and the UK for the past 6 years, having now taken over 5,000 students on our adventures. Our team of experts has found the perfect balance of experiential opportunities and adventure, guaranteed to uncover all the learning experiences that our destinations have to offer.

Our itineraries can support a wide range of school trips including subject-focused trips, language learning or cultural tours, Residentials and Activity Weeks, and GSCE, A-Level, IB, MBA or university curricula.

From climbing the Great Wall to cooking classes on our school trips to China; cable cars over Mt Fuji to Manga museums on our school trips to Japan; and volunteering at an elephant sanctuary to ziplining on our school trips to South East Asia. Your students’ Learning Adventure starts here.

Can’t find an itinerary that exactly matches your requirements or want to combine the best activities from two different tours? Speak to a specialist today to create the perfect, personalised school trip.

Challenge Based Taiwu Hiking Tour (Beijing)

Winter Sports in China

Science in Japan

Literature in France

Classical Civilisation in Italy

Trekking School Trip in Nepal

History in Spain

History in the UK

Media Studies Trips in the UK

Environmental Science in China

Martial Arts in South Korea

Geography in China

Primary/Middle School Residentials near Beijing

Wild Homestays

IB CAS in Yunnan

Ski in China

Politics in the UK

Linden Centre – Lake Tai

Berlin Language and Culture Trip

Culture and Service in Chengdu & Danba

STEM in South Korea

Culture in South Korea

Business in Italy

Geography in Spain

Primary/Middle School Residentials near Shanghai

Service Learning School Trip in Nepal

Experiential Learning in Nature – Qinghai

Business in France

IB CAS & Service in Japan

Sports in Peru

IB CAS in Hong Kong & Macao

Sichuan Service Learning

Deqing Modern History and Tech

Culture in Japan

Sports in the UK

Culture in Italy

Business Day Trip to London

Literature and Drama Trips in the UK

IB and Service in Guizhou

Culture in Malaga, Spain

STEM School Trips in Singapore

Outdoor Adventure School Trip in Nepal

India Cultural Highlights

Beijing- History and Culture

Educational Travel for International Schools in China

Culture in Spain

IB CAS & Service in Cambodia

Bashang Grasslands (Inner Mongolia)

Art in France

Ski in Italy

Literature & Theatre in the UK

School Summer Camp in China

Technology in China

Biology in Vietnam

Sports in Spain

Film & Photography in the UK

Service Learning in Yangshuo

Art in Italy

Loire Valley School Trip

Nepal Cultural Exchange

History in France

MBA in Japan

IB CAS & Service in Vietnam

Bali Service Tour

IB Service Trip in Xi’an

Politics Trips in the UK

Art & Design in Japan

Manga & Anime in Japan

Geography Trips in the UK

Geography Tour of India

Culture in Taiwan

Sports in South Africa

IB CAS in Inner Mongolia

Sports Tours in the UK

Ski in Japan

Martial Arts in China

MBA Tour of India

Music in China

Spanish Language in Spain

Robotics in Japan

Adventure in Japan

Photography in China

History Trips in the UK

Modern Architecture, Sustainability and Urban Planning in the UK

Art in Spain

Business & Economics in the UK

IB CAS in Fujian

Geography in France

Business in China

Business & Technology in Japan

IB CAS in Beijing

Art in the UK

Korea Teachers’ Research Trip

Service on the Tibetan Plateau

Mandarin Language in China

IB Service in Thailand

Computer Science Trips in the UK

IB CAS & Service in Laos

French Language in France

Culture in France