Embark on your Learning Adventure to Japan as you explore the vibrant culture, ancient architecture and modern metropolises with your action-packed, tailored itinerary

 Our school trips to Japan offer students the opportunity to explore the country’s unique balance between modern and traditional culture, architecture, history and much more. Our school trips provide the perfect combination of experiential activities and adventure to ensure that your students learn as much as possible while creating life-long memories.

From sushi making classes and cable car rides over Mt Fuji, to Taiko drumming lessons and white-water rafting, all of our school trips to Japan are guaranteed to be jam-packed full of adventure.

We offer a variety of subject-specific school trips to Japan, that can be tailored to fit your educational needs and learning outcome requirements. Whether you’re looking for meaningful historical insight in Hiroshima, cultural experiences in Tokyo and Kyoto, or a case study of the country’s unique geology, we have the perfect school trip for you.