Embark on your Learning Adventure to France as you explore the vibrant culture, ancient history and beautiful language with your action-packed, tailored itinerary.

Our school trips to France allow students to enjoy an authentic experience and gain an appreciation of France’s culture, art, architecture, history, business and much more. From scavenger hunts in the Louvre museum and playing pétanque on the banks of the river Seine, to lectures at the world-famous Sorbonne University and even hikes to hidden caves, our itineraries are created to ensure that your students learn as much as possible while creating life-long memories.

Our wide variety of subject-specific school trips to France are created with your specific educational needs and learning outcome requirements in mind. Whether it’s cultural inside in Paris, immersion in the French language in Lyon or the study of the unique geology in an around Marseille, you are guaranteed to find the perfect school trip for you.