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Inner Mongolia CAS Trip

China 5 days Starting from

In an itinerary that feels like a movie adventure, students will journey to the grasslands and sand dunes of inner Mongolia for a taste of China that is sure to be something different. The trip kicks off with a visit to Buddhist monasteries followed by an authentic Mongolian feast. Adventures continue with students rotating in groups between learning Mongolian wrestling, horseback riding, archery, and how to prepare authentic Mongolian food. The itinerary continues to cover living and learning alongside local tribespeople about their nomadic lifestyles. Students will also see monuments raised to Genghis Khan, go sandboarding, ride ATVs, and go camel trekking. One of our most exciting itineraries!

You can combine this itinerary with Beijing or Xian as an extension… Ask for more information from our specialists now.

Day 1: Sainuu! Arrive in Hohhot and make your way to the city centre. First, visit the Dazhao Temple, a religious centre for people across Mongolia. Explore the local artisan street and browse the various handicrafts that are traditionally sold there. Drive over the mountains into the grassland and finish the day with an authentic Mongolian feast and traditional welcoming ceremonies.
Day 2: Life on the Grassy Steppes Eat like the locals with a traditional breakfast and milk tea. Take a walking tour of the grasslands and learn about the different plants around. Enjoy a short pony or pony carriage tour to a local Mongolian holy gathering spot. Fly kites under the blue skies and finish the day with a campfire under the stars and storytelling session!
Day 3: In the Desert Venture into China’s desert and pass the ghost town of Ordos. Learn about the economic circumstances around its desertion before continuing to your desert site. After a safety briefing, take your pick of adventure activity, from sand sledging to camel rides to zip lines. The choice is yours!
Day 4: The Great Khan Travel back in time as you visit the Genghis Khan memorial, featuring original shrines, weapons and even the conqueror’s actual bow and saddle! Learn about his political legacy and his influence on China’s development. After a history filled morning, make your way back to Hohhot for dinner and evening entertainment.
Day 5: Milk, Muslims, and Migration Pay a visit to the Yili milk products factory, one of Inner Mongolia’s largest industries and learn about the process of milk distribution. Head to the Inner Mongolia Museum which features a remarkable dinosaur exhibition. Stop at the Islamic district of Hohhot where you can find the Grand Mosque. Continue on to the airport for your flight home!
Learning Outcomes

Action; students will push themselves physically through the wealth of activities planned throughout the week. Horseback riding, dune sliding, and sandboarding etc… will be sure to give students a sense of pride in their physical accomplishments!

Ethnic/Cultural Diversity; though still within China, students will be quick to notice that these people live completely different lifestyles, with different cultural practices. Students will be immersing themselves in the best of Mongolian culture throughout the itinerary, experiencing their culinary, sports, spiritual, historical, and nomadic culture.

Service & Sustainability; Learning the lifestyle of the local nomadic tribespeople, students will be able to experience first-hand just how co-dependent these people’s lives are to the patterns of nature. Students should compare their experiences on the trip to those of their daily lives back home for an understanding of how environmental change and consumption affects real people’s livelihoods.