COVID-19 Policy

The Learning Adventure – Covid-19 – Additional Precautions

In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our passengers, adventure leaders, suppliers and other members of the public, the following additional safety procedures will be implemented on all Learning Adventure Trips in coming months and will be implemented alongside our usual health & safety procedures which are outlined in our Safety Management Systems. This policy will be reviewed consistently going forward.

These additional precautions are in compliance with advice from the World Health Organization as well as the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel protocols for tour operators. 

Summary of Precautions:

  • All tours will undergo a comprehensive Covid-19 risk assessment. This will include working with any third-party suppliers involved in the facilitation of the tour, and willevaluate any risks with reopening under local conditions and mitigation strategies put into place to alleviate the risks.
  • Adventure leaders and suppliers will complete COVID-19 health and safety training.
  • Ensure our teams are aware of hospitals and testing locations for COVID-19 which can be used in case of a suspected case during the tour.
  • Highlight any regions where there is any shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available.
  • Introduce a handwashing policy for all adventure leaders and passengers. Ensure adventure leaders are provided with suitable amounts of hand sanitizer and are trained on our handwashing policy.
  • Ensure all passengers and adventure leaders are encouraged to exercise suitable precautions with regards to sneezing and coughing.
  • Follow advice from The W.H.O. with regards to mask usage and ensure passengers and adventure leaders are informed of this advice with enough notice to arrange their own masks.
  • Follow advice from The W.H.O. regarding social distancing and ensure all tours have been audited to ensure it is possible for them to comply with this advice.
  • Conduct consultations and audits with third party suppliers, including accommodation suppliers and transportation suppliers, to ensure the following is being done:
    • Check their cleaning and sanitation protocols adhere to W.H.O. suggested standards.
    • Continue to monitor these protocols on an on-going basis.
  • Implement a ‘low touch’ policy on all tours which involves:
    • Educating passengers on this policy in materials emailed to them in advance of departure as well as at the pre-departure briefing.
    • Remove all touch points on the tour where reasonably practicable.
  • Follow all local government advice, with regards to Covid 19 testing prior to tour commencement. In addition to the possible requirement of proof of a negative result from a recent test, we may ask passengers and adventures leaders further questions regarding their health conditions and travel histories in the preceding 14 days prior to joining the tour.
  • During the trip, we will implement a clear Covid-19 policy which all passengers and adventure leaders will have had emailed to them in advance, as well as explained to them at the pre-departure briefing. This policy will cover the following:
    • How to monitor your own health and symptoms to be aware of.
    • What will happen in the event of someone showing symptoms.
    • Consequences if you are unwilling to get tested or follow our procedures (we reserve the right to remove a passenger from the tour in such instances).
    • Booking conditions if leaving early or unable to join a tour due to showing symptoms.
    • Data protection policies with regards to information we collect for purposes of Covid 19 prevention.
    • Encourage passengers to use Covid tracking apps in regions where this is applicable.

Follow The Learning Adventure’s Covid 19 Incident Management Plan should any member of a tour show symptoms of Covid 19, or if there is an outbreak of Covid in a region where our tour has been in the previous 14 days. This policy is adapted to each region, and follows the advice of both local government as well as The W.H.O. and outlines a step by step procedure for how our operations team should manage the situation in order to mitigate