South Korea

Embark on your Learning Adventure to South Korea as you explore the rich culture, captivating history and stunning city with your action-packed, tailored itinerary – perfect for any educational program.

Our school trips to South Korea give students a real insight into South Korean music, culture and martial arts. From visiting the DMZ and discovering more about South and North Korea’s relationship, to performing music with local students and learning traditional Taekwondo, Seoul has something for everyone. There’s been a big buzz around South Korea recently – we know why and we want everyone else to know too. But we’re not content with just showing you the big tourist hotspots – our students see Seoul’s soul, interact with Koreans and learn about the nation’s varied culture.

We know that educational school trips are the best way to supplement classroom learning. That’s why customisation is something we’re proud of. Our subject-specific school trips to South Korea are driven by your specific educational learning requirements and can be tailored by our team of experts to fit your curriculum.