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Yangshuo Sustainable Agriculture Project | The Learning Adventure

Yangshuo Sustainable Agriculture Project

China 7 days Starting from

Students will be travelling south to warm Yangshuo for a week in nature. Start the trip with a scavenger hunt on West Street. Move onto a challenging and rewarding hike up to Moon Hill for iconic views. The next day groups will alternate between rock climbing, and biking next to as well as bamboo rafting on the Yulong river. Day three starts their two-day service project, learning about the technique, labor and theories around sustainable agriculture in local fields. Finish the project off with a pizza party and talent show!

You can combine this itinerary with Hong Kong as an extension… Ask for more information from our specialists now

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Day 1: China’s Bread (Rice) Basket Welcome to Guilin, home to China’s most iconic countryside! Transfer to Longsheng and learn about Chinese agriculture from a local guide. Walk amongst the picturesque rice terraces before visiting the Dragon’s Back area – how intriguing! Spend the night in a cosy hostel at the foot of the hills.
Day 2: From Fields to Food Hike through the remote rice terraces and make pit stops in the indigenous villages. Later, make your way to Yangshuo, famous for its impressive karst peaks. Get cracking in the kitchen as you take part in a class at the local cooking school and enjoy your creations for dinner.
Day 3: Mudcaves and Bamboo Rafts Cycle along the river as you take in the glorious scenery, before embarking on a bamboo raft ride to experience it up close. Visit the iconic Moon Hill and hike to the underground mud cave for an afternoon of fun! In the evening, explore the wonders of West Street’s vibrant night bazaar.
Day 4: A Deeper Look Participate in a sustainable agriculture workshop and learn about the farm-to-table crop culture in Yangshuo. Then, take part in an experiential farming exercise about chemical-free sustainable agriculture. After a day’s work, relax as you try tradition Chinese cupping or a foot massage!
Day 5: A Hands-on Approach Continue working on your examination of sustainable agriculture. As you work, create an instructional video about these practices. Celebrate the end of your 2-day course with a night of typical Chinese style fun, KTV!
Day 6: The Great Outdoors Enjoy an exciting morning of Rock Climbing in the rock climber’s ‘Mecca’. Then, take part in a Kungfu lesson! Spend the afternoon relaxing as you learn to pain hand fans from a resident artist. Finish the day with a visit to an open-air natural theatre.
Day 7: Continue The Learning Back Home It’s time to say goodbye to our guides and trip leaders as your transfer to the airport. Leave excited and ready to apply what you’ve learned, back at home!
Learning Outcomes

Physical challenge; activities such as weeding, planting, draining ponds, clearing fields etc… are promised to not just push students physically, but to instill value in using one’s body to perform life-essential tasks. Additionally, rock climbing, cycling, and hiking offer exciting and refreshing opportunities for exercise.

Applied sustainability; by actively participating in the process of farming sustainably as well as learning about the theories and facts behind it, we hope students will retain positive attitudes towards sustainability, why it is significant, how it can be applied, and how students can take environmental responsibility into their own hands.

Teamwork; the week is designed to facilitate teambuilding along every step of the way. Student groups will be switched around for activities so that they must work together with the entire larger group. In addition, shared adrenaline-inducing activities such as rock climbing promises to bond students!