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Mandarin Intensive Trip

China 10 days Starting from

This trip involves daily Mandarin classes taught while traveling through China’s beautiful and exciting eastern coast. Our Mandarin lessons are customized and relevant to the students’ journey at every step of the way. A wide range of lessons, ranging from oral to presentation style classes, will be bolstered by real world situations in which students’ can apply the theory they learn.

Whether we are amongst bamboo forests, the skyscrapers of Shanghai, or the ancient palaces of Beijing, students are sure to walk away from this trip feeling confident in their own language skills and convinced of the practicality in learning Mandarin.

Additional Destinations & Itineraries that are available for this theme are… Shaolin, Chengdu, Yunnan, Shandong, Fujian… Ask for more information from our specialists now


Day 1: 你好中国,你好上海! Welcome to one of the world’s most developed cities! Take a walking tour of two famous hot spots, People’s Square & Nanjing Road as you acclimate to China. Pay a visit to the world’s biggest Starbucks and learn how they make their signatures blends. Finish the day with a traditional Chinese welcome dinner.
Day 2: A very good place to start Kick start the day with your first series of Mandarin lessons. After a morning of learning, venture into the city’s financial district for a trip to the top of the Pearl Tower. Walk around The Bund with your guide before taking an evening cruise along the river.
Day 3: Mandarin in Action! Continue your hard work during more Mandarin lessons this morning. Encounter Old Shanghai as you visit the Yu Yuan Gardens and the City God Temple Bazaar, where you can play our Mandarin Scavenger Hunt! Try Shanghai’s famous Xiao Long Bao dumplings before testing your own skills with a cooking class. End the day watching a spectacular acrobatic performance.
Day 4: A day in the life of a Chinese Student Learn about the life of Chinese students with a school day exchange, where you can tour the hallways and take part in lessons. Take the chance to practice your Mandarin with a small speech during the welcome ceremony. In the afternoon, experience cultural activities such as Fan Painting and Tea Culture.
Day 5: Bamboo Forests Venture out of the city as you pay a visit to Moganshan. Hike through China’s most beautiful bamboo forests before visiting Chairman Mao’s summer home. Get ready for your mid-trip review and prepare a presentation to showcase your learning. You could be in to win a prize!
Day 6: China’s most Beautiful City Visit nearby Hangzhou for a trip to West Lake, an incredible classical eastern-style garden. Learn about the rules and history of these retreats before engaging in a poetry class. In the afternoon, take a walk through Hefang Ancient Street. Hop on board the night train as you head to the country’s capital.
Day 7: The Center of the Middle of the World Arrive in one of the world’s most developed cities and pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven. Take a tour of the complex and experience a traditional tea ceremony in the park within. Dive into ancient Beijing with a tour of the Hutongs. Finish the day with a delicious Chinese hot pot dinner.
Day 8: Palaces & Parks Start the day at the Summer Palace as you explore its gorgeous grounds. Take a wooden boat across the lake for the best views of the palace. Stop by Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City before taking in the panoramic views at Jingshan Park. After a Mandarin lesson on food, sample Chinese delicacies at the Wangfujing Night Market.
Day 9: The Great Wall Bring ancient history to life with a visit to a secluded section of the Great Wall. Hike along the wall as you take in the scenic view of rural China. Back in the city, begin your final Mandarin lesson before putting your bargaining skills to the test at the Pearl Market.
Day 10: Continue the Learning Adventure at home It’s time to say goodbye to our guides and trip leaders and transfer back to Shanghai. Make your way to the airport and leave excited to apply what you’ve learned on your trip, back at home!
Learning Outcomes

Specialized Mandarin instruction that is based on geographical location, and an in-depth understanding of China’s history both modern and ancient.

9+ hours of Mandarin ‘classroom’ lessons and 10 days of practical Mandarin – including interaction with local students in a 1-day
school exchange.

An appreciation of cultural customs and practices ranging from tea ceremonies to marketplace bartering.