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Guizhou CAS Trip

China 5 days Starting from

Though Guizhou is said to be one of the most impoverished provinces in China, it has vast wealth in natural wonders and biological species. Home to Asia’s largest waterfall as well as 5 species of vertebrate found only in Guizhou, this is the unbeaten-path’s prime destination. Our itinerary features the Huangguoshu Falls- largest waterfall in Asia, service projects with a minority school, joining the bright angels band (student led blind student band), traditional Miao-style batik classes, hikes, tea-picking, and company visits as well as a chilling visit to a former Chinese concentration camp.

Day 1: The Largest in Asia… Arrive and transfer to the Huangguoshu Waterfall Site, the largest waterfall in Asia! Embark on a relaxing hike in the national park before visiting your service site in one of the least economically developed areas in Huishui. Learn about the students who run your accommodation before checking in.
Day 2: Begin Service Project Take a tour of the college campus where your accommodation is located and take part in a tie-dye class, an activity native to the area. Start your service project as your survey the primary school. Make a start on building furniture for the classrooms! Enjoy a short tea ceremony before the end of the day.
Day 3: Service Project Continued… Start the day with breakfast at the campus canteen before continuing with your service project. After a morning of hard work, visit the famous tea fields of Guizhou. Afterwards, make your way to the Bright Angels Music Program to interact with the students, some of the best natural musicians in China!
Day 4: Finish Service Project As you venture on a short hike, you’re encouraged to participate in environmental service along the way. Head to the workshop to complete your service project and decorate your furniture with the students at the school. Walk home with the students and experience village life. Enjoy a farewell banquet of steaming hotpot and discuss your experience of the week.
Day 5: Continue the Learning Adventure at home.. It’s time to say goodbye to our guides and trip leaders as your transfer to the airport. Leave excited and ready to apply what you’ve learned, back at home! Have a late flight? Pay a visit to the Xifeng concentration camp, a secret prison during the Cultural Revolution.
Learning Outcomes

Creativity & Service; with service activities ranging from batik projects, designing and building furniture, to creating music – this itinerary tests students’ creative application skills by requiring them to blend their creativity with meaningful service.

Action; walking students home after school (equivalent to daily hikes), hiking surrounding mountains, and tea-picking, we aim for students to develop confidence, fun, and positive associations to exercise.

Socio-historical knowledge; students will be exposed to a range of different social and historical facets of the Guizhou region. Visiting its top landmark (Huangguoshu Falls), interacting with her indigenous peoples, as well as seeing the darker sides of her history (Xifeng concentration camp), students are sure to walk away with a broad yet deep understanding of this little-known part of China.