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Trips for International Schools in China

2020 has been a hard year for students to get the education that they deserve. Many students have missed out on classroom teaching which is, of course, vital. At The Learning Adventure, we believe passionately in the power of education outside the classroom and making the most of the world around us and creating trips with genuine learning outcomes. Our trips are designed to created well-rounded young people and provide enriching opportunities to gain important skills in exciting new settings. Our expert team can guide you through our ethos, adapt our trips to meet your requirements and ensure that you feel comfortable with our enhanced safety procedures. With tours based all over China and service opportunities to meet a range of needs- we hope we can help you provide your students with the trip they deserve!

How a volunteering trip could benefit your students:

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CAS trips for international schools in China are a great way for students to interact with local culture and learn traditional art forms from rural communities.

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Our school trips to rural China can challenge students on several physical excursions, like hikes to stunning waterfalls. These activities build teamwork and perseverance.

service educational tour

Our service tours in rural China allow students to develop their sense of global citizenship, gaining an understanding of pressing issues, like climate change and wealth inequality.

How we curate exceptional academic travel programs:

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Learning Objectives

At the centre of every program is a set of expertly curated learning objectives that inform the whole itinerary. Usually, teachers choose a mix of cultural and academic learning outcomes, but we choose and create goals for each student group.

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Supplementary Materials

We will work with you to create customised supplementary materials, designed to allow your students to make the most out of their educational tour. This can include activity-specific worksheets and travel journals, all tailored to fit into your learning objectives.

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Immersive Educational Activities

Due to our years of experience providing academic travel programs, we have built up a vast network of contacts all over the world. This means that we can organise expert lecture, company visits and other excursions, all perfect for your students’ education level.

Service on the Tibetan Plateau

IB CAS in Yunnan

Primary/Middle School Residentials near Beijing

Primary/Middle School Residentials near Shanghai

Martial Arts in China

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IB CAS in Inner Mongolia

IB CAS in Hong Kong & Macao

IB and Service in Guizhou

IB CAS in Fujian

IB CAS in Beijing

Ski in China

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Educational Travel for International Schools in China

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Trekking School Trip in Nepal

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Experiential Learning in Nature – Qinghai

Xiamen and Tulou Areas

Challenge Based Taiwu Hiking Tour (Beijing)

Bashang Grasslands (Inner Mongolia)

Culture and Service in Chengdu & Danba

Beijing- History and Culture

School Summer Camp in China

Discovery Adventure Park

Linden Centre – Lake Tai

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