Management System

We pride ourselves on our health and safety record and take this part of our job incredibly seriously.

Keeping our customers safe is the number one priority for The Learning Adventure. This document outlines the systems in place to ensure that all elements of our tours, such as accommodation, on-site facilities, transport and excursions are safe, and all risks are minimized to an acceptable level. It also explains how these standards will be monitored and deficiencies managed.

For those bookings made within China through our partnership with Shanghai Zhonglei Travel Service will uphold the same safety management procedures that are upheld by The Learning Adventure. However, for ease of use in reference to this document and all safety documentation provided, the name The Learning Adventure. will be used.

The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd.’s ‘Safety Management System’ (SMS) ensures that all reasonable measures are taken to assure our clients of a high level of safety and professionalism throughout a tour. The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our clients and staff alike. We shall achieve this by:

  • Maintaining and promoting a positive health and safety culture amongst staff, clients and suppliers alike.
  • Ensuring our products and services comply where applicable with the current local, national and/or international standards.
  • Planning and setting standards that meet the needs and expectations of our clients which are both measurable and realistic.
  • Reviewing our performance internally on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring that our management team and members of staff receive suitable and regular internal and external training to improve their knowledge, competence and professionalism.
  • The monitoring and review of our systems are ongoing with a formal review taken on an annual basis.
  • The development of Emergency Procedures Guidelines and ensuring that staff are trained and supported to deliver these.
  • Enabling our team to be contacted, at any point, on the trip
We constantly strive to update and improve our safety management systems, so for our most up to date documents, please email us to request a copy.

This SMS has been developed by The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd. The directors will ensure managers have the knowledge and competence to implement the policy and that training is provided where appropriate.

The directors will ensure that all members of staff are made aware of the basic requirements of the SMS.

The directors will monitor the SMS and examine areas where improvements to the system and activities can be made.

All members of staff are made aware of the need to report any weakness or failures in the SMS to their manager.

All staff are made aware of their responsibilities to the SMS and given adequate training and support to undertake these successfully.

Managers are required to report on a regular basis to the directors regarding the implementation of the SMS including both success and weakness requiring attention and review.

Any accidents, incidents or near misses brought to our attention will be recorded and reviewed (see section on Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses).

A formal review of the SMS is held by the directors on an annual basis.


The operators comply with independently set safety standards and no additional practical measures can be undertaken by The Learning Adventure in this respect.

Public Transportation

Unless otherwise stated in the itinerary, public transport will only be used for short The Learning Adventure excursions open to the public.

All public transportation is regulated nationally and by the appropriate authorities.


All rail transport is regulated nationally.

No additional practical measures can be undertaken by The Learning Adventure in this respect.


The Learning Adventure will endeavour to use professional coach companies suitable for travel or book through local agents who also uphold the same standard to their suppliers. We seek to ensure all coaches and drivers are fully licensed, insured and checked annually by our suppliers. All drivers will comply with all applicable national, local, trade and other laws, regulations, rules and codes of practice.

For coach operators that The Learning Adventure treat as or anticipate being in ‘frequent use’ (used for more than 5 coaches in a calendar year) a physical audit will also take place once every 3 years. The inspection undertaken will be in accordance with The Learning Adventure’s coach audit form and a copy maintained on file.

Should a breakdown occur whilst on tour it will be the Guide’s responsibility to ensure our clients are not endangered in any way and that the itinerary disruption is kept to a minimum.

While The Learning Adventure try to use coaches from our ‘frequent use’ list, this is not always possible due to any of the following, but not limited to; very busy periods, where the location or availability would be best suited by another company, the re-scheduling of bookings, mechanical failure, breakdown, driver illness, customer request or in the case of any other unforeseen circumstances where The Learning Adventure reserves the right to make another booking.

Accommodation providers that the The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd. use all comply with the local fire, hygiene and health regulations and have in place appropriate insurance cover.

We will endeavor to undertake a more in-depth ‘audit inspection’, for any accommodation to be used on a regular basis for tours (when used more than 3 times in a calendar year) and thereafter every 3 years, and records maintained accordingly.

The Learning Adventure will ensure that all accommodation conforms to local and national fire, safety and hygiene standards. Accommodation that is used more than 3 times in one year will be subject to The Learning Adventure’s Audit procedure.

The Learning Adventure will review the accommodation’s current fire certificate or equivalent local documentation.

The Learning Adventure will review the current hygiene certificate or equivalent local documentation.

Other activities such as high risk activities (rock climbing, canoeing etc) will comply with all local regulations and have appropriate safety measures in place to ensure best practice. Activities and activity providers that are used on a regular basis (when used more than 3 times/calendar year) for our tours will be audited at the initial time of use and thereafter every 3 years. Records maintained accordingly will be individually checked by a The Learning Adventure representative. Any activity deemed to be high risk will be reviewed and stopped if necessary.

Where Agents or Ground Handlers provide other services that would be the subject of a safety review if booked directly, The Learning Adventure set out to ensure these providers use the same standards as had these been sourced directly by us.

The Learning Adventure will annually maintain and update the emergency procedures training and guidelines for staff and guide, which clearly define the role that all staff may need to carry out in the event of a serious incident involving The Learning Adventure’s clients on tour.

The Learning Adventure’s Representatives are available 24 hours a day and emergency numbers are supplied to all Representative, Group Leaders and clients for the duration of The Learning Adventure.

All Group Leaders, coach companies and agents will be advised how to contact a The Learning Adventure Representative should the need arise during any of The Learning Adventure’s tours.

The guides are instructed and trained as to do what steps to take in an emergency.

The Learning Adventure will encourage clients to report any safety related issues immediately. This will enable The Learning Adventure to review their concerns and to ensure that any necessary action is taken straight away.

The Learning Adventure will keep a record of all incidents of which it becomes aware or which are brought to its attention. All reports will be reviewed and an investigation will be undertaken if appropriate, in conjunction with The Learning Adventure’s Management Team, at the end of every The Learning Adventure excursion.

An annual review of all accidents and incidents considered as serious will additionally be undertaken by the The Learning Adventure’s directors.

The Learning Adventure will endeavour to ensure that all visits and excursions that are featured in our promotional material whether sold by us or not are considered safe for group activity, subject to our clients conducting themselves in a responsible manner with every due care and attention at all times and adhering to local rules, regulations and safety guidelines.

Wherever possible, The Learning Adventure will ensure that the providers have evaluated health and safety to a satisfactory degree.

We will endeavour to advise group leaders of any potential additional risks which the provider wishes to bring to the attention of groups, before making the excursion or visit.

The Learning Adventure will ensure that all meals adhere to the group’s dietary requirements. Prior to travel, the party leader is responsible for acquiring accurate information that will be used by the guides to ensure religious or dietary requirements are upheld. The passenger information form will be sent by a The Learning Adventure representative and needs to be completed 1 month before travel.

All restaurants used adhere to local food safety and hygiene standards. A Learning Adventure representative or guide will have visited the restaurant prior to ensure that it is deemed appropriate for students. In some cases on new trips or in case the itinerary is forced to change from its original path, local restaurants may be used for the first time. At this stage it is The Learning Adventure guide and the party leader’s responsibility to assess whether it is appropriate for use.

The Learning Adventure will ensure that The Learning Adventure’s staff members receive initial and ongoing training in all areas for which they are responsible. This ranges from detailed product knowledge through to assessment of all components of a tour such as accommodation and transportation.

Members of staff are encouraged to participate in additional training provided by independent suppliers which are offered by The Learning Adventure when appropriate.

Members of staff are also trained in those areas of the Safety Management System for which they may be required to exercise responsibility. All employees are made aware of the principal commitments and responsibilities of the Safety Management System.

For China each group that have an itinerary of 2 days or longer with multiple guides (at least a lead guide and a local guide) will carry a first aid kit and have at least one guide who has been instructed on how to administer it. For an itinerary that does not meet these requirements but is deemed a potential safety issue a first aid kit will also be carried. For Japan, trips of 5 days or longer will carry a first aid kit.

All members of staff employed by The Learning Adventure on full permanent contracts receive training in the Company’s emergency procedures.

For China, guides who work on a freelance basis and are used on a regular basis for tours (when used more than 3 times in a calendar year) will be first aid trained.

The Learning Adventure managers are contactable 24 hours a day in case of emergency and reps, support team and group leaders are provided with these numbers.

These paramedics, first aiders and ambulance crew, when used, are supplied by a local medical agency based on the requirements discussed and their recommendations.

It is a requirement of The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd. that all party members of every group travel with adequate travel insurance cover.

It is the party leader’s responsibility to check the travel insurance cover meets with the requirements of the group and to advise us without delay of any material matters that may affect the cover, such as pre-existing medical conditions.

The Learning Adventure Pte. Ltd. has Tour Operator’s Combined Liability Insurance which provides cover of up to £5,000,000.

A copy of the cover certificate can be asked for if requested.

The Learning Adventure issues all tour parties with a ‘Pre Departure’ document prior to travel. The party is also subject to having a pre departure phone call should the party require. This provides essential information specific to the The Learning Adventure’s trips and staying safe on tour. It also draws attention to key safety information including the promotion of safety awareness. The goal is for the tour to operate as safely and smoothly as possible.

The Learning Adventure encourages party Leader Inspection visits. Details are available on request.

Inspection visits are designed to increase party leader awareness of The Learning Adventure’s tour in advance of a tour and to enable risk assessments of accommodation, excursion and visits to be undertaken when practicable.